Who we are

CYBERWARCON is a one-day conference in the Washington D.C. area focused on the specter of destruction, disruption, and malicious influence on our society through cyber capabilities. We are increasingly concerned that aggressive behavior in this space is not abating and public discourse is necessary to shore up our defenses and prepare for inevitable incidents. 

A different event 

CYBERWARCON is not a hacker conference, or an ICS conference, or an international policy conference. We recognize the value of other, excellent events and we hope to compliment them with a narrow perspective on a growing phenomenon. The central purpose of CYBERWARCON is to identify and explore threats.

Our audience

Participants and attendees come from a spectrum of backgrounds including the military and government, academia, the media, and the private sector. This conference attracts network defenders, intelligence providers, engineers, policy makers, journalists, and the representatives of civil society, all of whom must be involved and aware of this problem if we hope to properly tackle it.