Call for Proposals

Call For Proposals

Important Dates:

  • Call for Proposals Opens

September 3rd, 2019

  • Call for Proposals Closes

October 21st, 2019

We are looking for speakers to share their knowledge of cyberattack (disruption, destruction, and degrading) and information operations threats with a cyber component. Briefings will be selected for their unique insight, timeliness, and importance.

In order to ensure timely content, we will review proposals up to a month before the event; however, content may be chosen at any time before that.

We are especially interested in speakers that can provide insight into the following subjects:

  • Threats to elections

  • Emerging threats to critical infrastructure

  • Cyberattack (disruption, destruction, and degrading) and information operations in conflict zones

  • Cyberattack and information operations against civil society and dissident communities

  • Updates on the cyberattack and information operations activity of APT28 (Fancy Bear), Sandworm, Dragonfly (Energetic Bear), APT35 (Newscaster), Lazarus, and the actors associated with TRITON malware

  • The next generation of cyberattack and information operations TTPs

  • Cyberattack threats to sectors and industries that are not regularly targeted

  • Chinese information operations and cyber attack capabilities, particularly those recently leveraged in Hong Kong related operations

  • Information on the 2017 cyberattack of Qatar News Agency

Sponsorships are available for underrepresented minorities with a demonstrated need to attend and speak.

For information on how to submit a proposal, please see CFP Submission Guidelines.

To learn about the team reviewing proposals, please see Review Board.