Call for Proposals



Call for Proposals Opens

September 1st, 2018

Call for Proposals Closes

October 28th, 2018


We are looking for speakers to share their knowledge of cyberattack (disruption, destruction, and degrading) and information operations threats with a cyber component. Briefings will be selected for their unique insight, timeliness, and importance.

In order to ensure timely content, we will review proposals up to a month before the event; however, content may be chosen at any time before that.

We are especially interested in speakers that can provide insight into the following subjects:

  • Threats to elections

  • Emerging threats to critical infrastructure

  • Cyberattack (disruption, destruction, and degrading) and information operations in conflict zones

  • Cyberattack and information operations against civil society and dissident communities

  • Updates on the cyberattack and information operations activity of APT28 (Fancy Bear), Sandworm, Dragonfly (Energetic Bear), APT35 (Newscaster), Lazarus, and the actors associated with TRITON malware

  • The next generation of cyberattack and information operations TTPs

  • Cyberattack threats to sectors and industries that are not regularly targeted

Sponsorships are available for underrepresented minorities with a demonstrated need to attend and speak.

For information on how to submit a proposal, please see CFP Submission Guidelines.

To learn about the team reviewing proposals, please see Review Board.