CFP Submission Guidelines


CFP Submissions Should contain the following:

  • Title of Proposed Talk
  • Author Name(s)
  • Author Title(s)
  • Organization(s)
  • Contact Information (Address, Phone, E-mail address)
  • Biography (No more than 200 words and may include professional history, honors, training, etc. This is a chance to prove you know what you’re talking about.)
  • Regular Talk or Lightning Talk (Regular Talk: 35 minutes content/5 minute Q&A, Lightning Talk: 10 minute talk only)
  • Abstract (A thorough outline of the content you wish to cover)

Accepted submissions will:

Focus specifically on cyberattack (disruption, destruction, ICS targeting, etc) and information operations through cyber means.

Demonstrate unique insight rather than just promise it

Accepted submissions will not:

Be entirely derivative of other known work (using and citing others is great, but please say something new)

Be a vendor pitch. Your logo can be plastered on the slides, but leave it at that.


send CFP submissions to: